Fully Automatic Equipment Robot Teapresso Shop

MOCA series robot barista kiosk is designed for indoor application, following the traditional process of coffee making by using espresso machine, coffee grinder, coffee temper and so on. The entire coffee making process is operated by collaborative robot arm automatically. The foldable maintenance window design is more continent for daily maintenance and repairing.

  • Series: MOCA
  • Model No.: MCF021A
  • Product Detail


    Parameters of robot milk tea outdoor station

    Voltage  220V 1AC 50Hz/60Hz
    Power installed  6000W
    Dimension (WxHxD)  2500x2150x2000 mm
    Weight  400kg
    Application environment  Indoor
    Average drink making time  180 seconds
    Maximum cups  300 cups
    Cup size  8oz and 12oz
    Ordering method  Touch screen ordering
    Payment method  NFC Payment (Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal)

    Functions of robot teapresso shop MTD021A


    • Touch screen ordering

    • Coffee making operated by collaborative robot arm automatically

    • Coffee art printing

    • Foldable maintenance window

    • Vision interaction and sound interaction

    • Kiosk inner hardware status real-time monitoring and fault alarm

    • Android based operation management system

    • Balanced material real-time display and material supplement reminder

    • Consumption data analysis and export

    • User management and ordering management

    • NFC payment

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